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Report Overview

The average investor needs to have a stomach for the furious dynamism inherent in the technology space. We believe that intelligent investing in the tech space means successfully navigating the aggressive innovation, rapid obsolescence cycles, exponential progress and high valuations that characterizes this massive market. With the advent of exciting new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, we are confident that there is much to be optimistic about in the technology sector.

This report provides an extensive overview about investing in the technology sector, important insights on artificial intelligence, a primer on blockchain, a short outlook on the electronic vehicle market, and brief on recent news affecting tech companies, with a special focus on regulations. Aggregating all this information, we provide our analyst consensus on the tech sector, and explain why we think there is a lot of room for measured optimism despite what we think are overly high valuations on some of the biggest tech players in the market.

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